High performance computing (HPC)

calculs haute performance calculateur myria

The CEVAA is able to handle large-scale cases through digital simulation. For this, we use intensive computing means to obtain reduced computing times.

Supercomputers for intensive computing

    The CEVAA relies on the CRIANN, computing mesocentre for Normandy, to have access to supercomputers.

    In the field of intensive computing, CRIANN operates a technical platform made up of high-performance computing machines (HPC-HPDA) intended for large-scale digital simulations as well as Artificial Intelligence and the processing of massive data.

    Thus, CEVAA sometimes uses the supercomputer to carry out large-scale numerical simulations and calculations.

      Advantages of a supercomputer:

      • Fast calculations (use of a parallel solver)

      • Launching calculations that would be impossible on a machine (processors and RAM too limited)

      • Possibility of launching several simulations at the same time (batch)

      • Possibility of launching sequential calculations (calculations at night)

        Here are some examples of studies carried out by our simulation team on CRIANN’s MYRIA supercomputer and AUSTRAL supercomputer:


        • Vibro-acoustic calculation with parallel CODE_ASTER for a model with more than 3 million degrees of freedom
        • Rapid dynamic impact calculation with RADIOSS
        • Metallic AM powder bed spreadability calculation (using discrete element code LMGC90)
        • Numerical Experimental Plan (DOE) for calculating the impact noise performance of a multilayer floor covering

        Example of calculation time savings for a simulation of the impact sound of a multi-layered floor:


        CODE_ASTER version Calculation of the first 50 modes Calculation of the acoustic response
        Sequential (single-core, 50 GB RAM) 35 min 30 hours
        Parallel (26 cores, 50 GB RAM) 8 min 2 hours

        Simulation and computation

        essais virtuels virtual testing

        Virtual testing

        Simulation Squeak & Rattle

        Squeak & Rattle Simulation

        Calculs de fréquence et de modes propres

        Calculation of natural frequencies and eigenmodes

        modèles et recalage

        Model and data fitting

        bruit électromagnétique eNVH

        Electromagnetic noise

        bruit impact et de marche

        Impact noise and walking noise

        Calculs de tenue aux séismes

        Earthquake resistance calculations

        notes de calculs numériques

        Finite Elements Analysis (FEA)

        correlation calculs essais cevaa

        Correlation calculations / tests

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