Poisson’s ratio characterization

Caractérisation du coefficient de poisson avec vibrométrie laser et banc dédié

CEVAA performs the dynamic characterization of Poisson’s ratio and identifies the mechanical properties of a material.

Poisson’s ratio characterization

CEVAA carries out the dynamic characterization of the Poisson’s ratio of acoustic materials with a custom-built test bench.

Thus, our design office evaluates the deformation of a material in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the force. This data allows the characterization of the mechanical properties of the material whatever it may be: viscoelastic, plastic, EPDM, etc.

This new service offered by CEVAA makes it possible to supply calculation models with more precise material parameters. In addition, it makes dynamic simulations more representative of the real phenomenon.

It is thus possible to predict the vibro-acoustic behavior of systems incorporating viscoelastic polymers (or other materials).


  • Characterization of Poisson’s ratio for boat engine fin
  • Characterization of material in the automotive field for simulation
  • Determination of deformation for floors (residential)

Associated services

  • Characterization of damping
  • Characterization of dynamic stiffness
  • Measurement of Young’s and shear modulus

What is Poisson’s ratio?

The principal Poisson’s ratio makes it possible to characterize the contraction of the material perpendicular to the direction of the applied force. Its value is between 0 and 0.5 and is most often positive.

In certain cases, the material can undergo transverse expansion under longitudinal traction. The value of the coefficient will therefore be negative and can reach values up to -1. These materials are then called auxetic.

Materials characterization benches

petite cabine

Small cabin

cabine alpha

Alpha Cabine

tube d'impédance

Impedance tubes

potence oberst

Oberst method

banc mesure rigidité dynamique

Dynamic stiffness bench

banc essai squeak and rattle acoustique

Squeak & Rattle Test Bench

caractérisation matériaux coefficient de Poisson

Poisson's ratio characterization bench

analyse mécanique dynamique DMA

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)

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