Dynamic tests on chassis dynamometer
in a semi-anechoic chamber

banc à rouleaux automobile

The CEVAA has a chassis dynamometer in a semi-anechoic chamber for 4-wheel and 2-wheel vehicles testing.

Dynamic tests and measurements on vehicles

Chassis dynamometer

Since its creation in 1999, the CEVAA has been equipped with a chassis dynamometer in a semi-anechoic environment. It allows tests to be carried out on vehicles under dynamic conditions.

Its use is mainly oriented towards the fields of acoustics and vibration, but it can also be used for mechanical reliability measurements or endurance tests.

  • Acoustics and vibrations
  • Mechanical reliability measures
  • Endurance tests
  • Battery life
  • Performance testing

Its mode of operation allows it to be used in road law, in speed regulation or in torque regulation. The rollers are independent and are each equipped with an electric motor.


  • Vibration measurements on GMP, on engines, vehicle chassis, various components and on bodies
  • Acoustic measurements: vehicle interior noise, radiated noise
  • Intake and exhaust vent noise
  • Transfer Pathway Analysis
  • Operational deformation
  • Diagnosis of vibro-acoustic problems
  • Braking performance
  • Battery electrical performance test in operational condition
  • Electrical fatigue testing under multi-physical stress
  • Robustness tests of electrical elements
  • Monitoring of standardized vehicle autonomy cycle
  • Power and torque test (mechanical performance)
  • Thermal diagnosis of the various parts of the vehicle

4 wheel vehicle

The test facility is suitable for two-wheel drive vehicles. It can accommodate sizes ranging from microcars to the largest utilities.

chassis dynamometer quiet room electric car

Technical specifications

  • Vehicle transmission: traction and propulsion
  • Maximum speed in tests: 200 km/h
  • Maximum force per motor reduced to the rim: 3500 N up to 80 km/h
  • Nominal power: 2 x 83 kW
  • Admissible acceleration for 3000 kg: 4 m/s²
  • Capacity: 3500 kg
  • Vehicle size: from microcar to bulky utility vehicle


2 wheel vehicle

We carry out dynamic tests on 2-wheel vehicles (scooters, electric motorcycles, VAE, etc.) and also carry out measurements in quiet rooms.

scooter dynamometer banc à rouleau

Technical specifications

  • Loading method: inertia
  • Max speed: 350 km/h
  • Maximum power: 200 kW (300 HP)
  • Roller inertia: 8.16m².kg
  • Roll diameter: 450mm
  • Roll width: 235mm
  • Max impasto: 1.57 m
  • Vehicle size: from an e-bike to a motorcycle

Thanks to the teams of CERTAM  and Carnot ESP for making the bench available and for their support in setting it up.

The use of the chassis dynamometer can be the subject of a specific quote which includes the control of the bench by a CEVAA technician to save time in carrying out the tests.

NEW: a functional, modern and optimized system in 2021, for industrial use

  • Steering system

    • High-performance PC, running Windows 10 RTX 64-bit, for faster data and task processing
    • MORPHEE 2020 control software, version 3.3, which simplifies the use of the bench
    • BECKHOFF acquisition and control relays connected in EtherCAT, for better communication between the machines and the cockpit
  • Machine control

    • Integration of a torque meter (± 5000 N.m) on each transmission shaft
    • Servo-control by direct measurement of torque (formerly calculated by current consumption)
    • Better regulation accuracy (± 5% of full scale)

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