Technical assistance

CEVAA offers its customers 2 technical assistance solutions according to their needs.

assistance technique ingénierie


The contribution in residence of CEVAA experts: predefined hourly package with the client


The contribution of skills and resources, in line with the specific customer need (membership of an advisory and technical assistance service)

Intervention at residence

  • Provision of technicians and engineers working within the client structure for a fixed period.
  • Real-time reporting of vibro-acoustic projects piloted in your departments.
  • Interaction with the teams and increased understanding of the client’s technical and administrative operating methods.
  • Take a fresh look at customer methods and adapt areas for improvement based on our technical back office.

A program adapted to your needs

  • Operate in project mode and support you in defining and planning deliverables.
  • Occasional provision of personnel, with or without equipment ; Ex: A vibro-acoustic engineer who intervenes 2 days a week for 6 months.
  • Create synergy between the various project stakeholders and put CEVAA’s human and technical skills (3D scanning laser vibrometry, semi-anechoic chamber, etc.) to the benefit of the client.


acoustique vibration

Acoustics and vibration

modélisation simulation calculs numérique

Simulation and computation

caractérisation acoustique des matériaux

Acoustic characterization of materials

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