Small cabin

petite cabine

The CEVAA has a small cabin to evaluate the acoustic performance of materials, mechanical sub-assemblies and sealing parts.

Small Cabin principles

  • Measurement of the acoustic insulation / transparency of a given material or mechanical element over a wide frequency range [100-10,000] Hz
  • Measurement of the acoustic field generated on emission (up to 130 dBA)
  • Acquisition from 4 reception microphones (50mV/Pa). Calculation of the average level from the 4 microphones

Testing conditions

  • Equalization carried out on a bare reference sheet
  • Acquisition under LMS software

Measurements / calculations made

  • Performance in acoustic insulation / transparency of flat or complex materials
  • Acoustic transparency of different equipment or sub-assemblies
  • Insertion loss level (IL)

Examples of completed projects

  • Characterization of innovative materials
  • Characterization of sub-assemblies such as apron pass/crossing, inflatable inserts for hollow bodies
  • Characterization of the gearbox control, air conditioning/heating system, handbrake control, etc.

Small Cabin features

The CEVAA Small Cabin makes it possible to position the acoustic performance measured in relation to the objectives of the specifications by identifying the deviations (leaks, transparency) and deducing opportunities for improvement.


Composition of the equipment:

  • 1 concrete transmission box composed of a mobile transmitting platform (9 loudspeakers, 4 tweeters and 1 microphone)
  • 1 reception box made up of 4 B&K microphones with a sensitivity of 50mV/Pa

Interior dimensions: LxWxH = 700x700x300mm

Materials characterization benches

petite cabine

Small cabin

cabine alpha

Alpha Cabine

tube d'impédance

Impedance tubes

potence oberst

Oberst method

banc mesure rigidité dynamique

Dynamic stiffness bench

banc essai squeak and rattle acoustique

Squeak & Rattle Test Bench

caractérisation matériaux coefficient de Poisson

Poisson's ratio characterization bench

analyse mécanique dynamique DMA

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)

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