Electromagnetic noise / eNVH

bruit électromagnétique eNVH

The CEVAA simulates and characterizes electromagnetic noise and vibrations of electric motors.

Our services

Engineering and testing

  • Noise measurements of an electric vehicle (ex: VAE, electric microcar)
  • Study of the integration of an electric motor on a chassis
  • Determination of reception stiffness and sizing of filtration systems
  • Design and production of acoustic hoods to attenuate electromagnetic noise

Vibroacoustic simulation

  • Calculation of electromagnetic forces
  • Calculation of the resulting magnetic vibrations
  • Calculation of the resulting magnetic noises

Engine modelling and optimization

  • Quick NVH calculation during early electromagnetic design loops
  • Optimized NVH calculation in the detailed design phase (coupling with finite element structural analysis) over the entire operating range
  • Advanced post-processing for NVH root cause analysis
  • Optimization of the design of noise attenuation techniques for electric motors

In addition to electromagnetic noise, the study of electrical machines requires consideration of mechanical, thermal, and vibro-acoustic aspects.

CEVAA test capacities

  • Synchronous measurement of noise, vibration and electrical signals
  • Motion transmission analysis (command tracking, diagnostics)
  • Analysis of transfer pathways to determine injected forces
  • Characterization of small and medium sources (direct measurement of forces)
  • Benchmark analytical correction methodology to increase the upper limit of analysis frequency

Means and software

  • 2D and 3D streams
  • Optistruct
  • Actran
  • 3D laser vibrometry

FEMM (Finite element method electromagnetic simulations)

Application examples


  • Radial magnetic force, tangential magnetic force on stator teeth (as a function of time and frequency), magnetic modes.
  • Non-linear magnetostatic model by finite elements (FEMM, Flux)


  • Modal analysis
  • Magnetic force wave at a given frequency, eigenfrequencies, operational deformations


  • Calculation of frequency responses
  • Contribution of the modes of the structure
  • Optimization with sensitivity study


logiciels calculs salome meca actran code aster msc software

Calculation software

calculs haute performance calculateur myria

High Performance Computing (HPC)

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