Squeak and Rattle Noise

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The study of  noise is carried out by the CEVAA for manufacturers in order to understand acoustic phenomena and optimize systems.

Interference noise is noise perceptible by customers, of a random nature, generated by external stresses (road profile, running on rails, jet engines, etc.).

Interference noise consists of sound emissions created:

  • At the level of the contact surface of two parts during relative movements (squealing, grinding),
  • By deformation of parts with unsuitable tolerances and coming into contact (crackling, rattling, etc.).

Acoustic tests and measurements

The test performed is noise detection on a bench, including (according to specifications), climatic + vibration ageing based on the following best practices:

  • Background noise measurement
  • Listening anew (subjective “human ear” listening) + rating of levels in dB(A) / sones
  • Climatic and vibratory ageing
  • Listening after ageing (subjective “human ear” listening) + rating of dB(A)/sones levels

    Measurement bench

    The bench must have a background noise low enough to detect parasitic noise.

    The measurements taken must be subject to a rating grid to classify the noise level of the product.

    The CEVAA also has extensive experience in this area, particularly with equipment manufacturers in the Automotive sector:

    • Trunk box with emergency inflation kit
    • Tramway seats (with complete measurements taken directly on the system’s operating site for reproduction on a vibration bench)
    • HVAC vehicles

    Squeak & Rattle simulation

    In addition to having this expertise, we offer our customers to take this subject into account upstream, during the product development phase.

    Indeed, an additional skill Squeak & Rattle simulation makes it possible to detect potential problems with parasitic noise. An expertise that the CEVAA has mastered for several years with achievements in project mode for automotive manufacturers & suppliers, for the railway sector, etc.


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    Squeak & Rattle testing bench

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    Instrumentation and acquisition

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