CECOVIM : Center of Expertise and Ageing Control for Mechatronics

cecovim mécatronique essais

CEVAA, GPM and LMN have come together to create a common laboratory: CECOVIM.

This industrial-oriented laboratory is intended for the aeronautics, space, security and defense sectors.

The objective is to rapidly increase the competitiveness and market share of the technological products of companies and manufacturers. The platform offers services aimed at supporting manufacturers and laboratories in the implementation of methods allowing better control of system failures for:

  • Facilitate preventive maintenance;
  • Provide better knowledge of the behavior of different technologies according to the demands and conditions of use.
  • Help understand and control changes and potentially degradations in the performance of the technology used;
  • Supporting them in making their systems more reliable…

It is in this context that technical means and skills are made available in order to offer solutions such as:

Design assistance

  • Support in the upstream phase of system or subsystem development
  • Identification and problem solving on life-series element
  • Identification of design weaknesses
  • Accompaniment of customers in compliance with legislative specifications and standards

Failure control

  • Long-term test in operational condition
  • Accelerated aging under electro-thermo-mechanical stress
  • Robustness tests
  • Qualification tests
  • Upstream studies on new component technologies (HEMT GaN, MOSFET SiC, etc.)

Technical expertise

  • Electrical, thermal and mechanical component characterization
  • Design and test mockups
  • Estimation of lifetimes
  • Analysis of failure modes (housing, bonds, solders, chip, etc.)
  • Physical analysis of electronic chip (transistors, diodes, integrated circuits)
  • Qualification of electronic power and/or radiofrequency systems

CEVAA supports its clients in the context of partnership research projects