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With a calibrated Calculation / Testing approach, the CEVAA supports you in product development.

Calculation / Testing

The CEVAA has dual experimental and simulation skills in the fields of vibro-acoustics and reliability.

A central element of development is the use of the digital model. For OEMs and OEMs, designing a robust digital model is paramount. This robustness is obtained by a calculation/test correlation.

The advantage of simulation is that it allows a detailed analysis of the vibration behavior of the model and makes it possible to assess the impact of certain modifications to the product, but may not take into account all the parameters (imperfect boundary conditions for example) . A validation of the model must therefore be established.

For experimental tests, they guarantee that all the parameters are taken into account but are generally spatially poor in information and are not very suitable for product modification.

The calculation/test correlation therefore makes it possible to combine the advantages of these two methods. A reliable numerical model can thus be obtained and on which it is possible to evaluate the impact of certain modifications.

With the competence of acoustic and vibration characterization and the competence of Modeling and Calculation, the CEVAA has all the tools to obtain a robust model, correlated with experimental tests.

Objective of the calculation / test correlation

The objective is the validation of a numerical model on the basis of experimental tests. Thanks to this, it is then possible to virtually qualify a product or test improvements by iterating on the design (parametric study, design of experiments, topological optimization).

How do we proceed ?

We support our customers to define the appropriate experimental test for the calculation/test correlation of the product. Then from a CAD model, we carry out the modeling and the stages of data fitting of the model. The use of several tools, in particular the MAC (Modal Assurance Criteria) between the two modal bases (calculation and test), allow the validation of the data fitting.

Key skills

  • Knowledge of vibration and acoustic phenomena
  • Implementation of specific test for a model registration on many test means (vibrating pots, 3D laser vibrometry, semi-anechoic chamber etc.)
  • Mastery of calculation software to obtain a readjusted model
  • Use of specific tools for Calculation/Test correlation


  • Adjusting bindings and interfaces on complex models
  • Virtually qualify a product
  • Test improvements on a recalibrated model

The CEVAA supports you in the development phase of your project, to enable you to acquire a reliable digital model validated by means of experimental tests.


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Calculation software

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High Performance Computing (HPC)

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