Design office in digital simulation, measurements and testing

CEVAA is a test and simulation center of the 6NAPSE Group. Our expertise: modeling and calculation, acoustic and vibration studies, characterization of the mechanical and acoustic properties of materials, technical assistance, training and engineering advice.

Numerical simulation


Simulation and calculation

CEVAA carries out a complete offer for your multiphysical modeling (mechanical, thermal, acoustic, fluid, electromagnetic) using various CAD, meshing and calculation tools.

modélisation simulation calculs numérique
acoustique vibration

Acoustics and vibration

CEVAA is specialized in NVH studies. We carry out the vibro-acoustic optimization of the product by identifying the acoustic and vibrational phenomena encountered in the various living situations.

Mechanical and acoustical materials characterization

CEVAA offers its materials expertise in the mechanical, vibration and acoustic fields. Our laboratory takes into account the characteristics of the materials, their requirements and their behavior under operational conditions. We have numerous equipment including a DMA (dynamic mechanical analysis).

caractérisation acoustique des matériaux
assistance technique ingénierie

Technical assistance

CEVAA offers its customers 2 technical assistance solutions according to their needs.


Predefined hourly package with the client


Provision of skills in line with the specific needs of the client (membership of an advisory and technical assistance service)


years of experience

files treated per year

groupe 6NAPSE

Expertise center of the 6NAPSE Group

CEVAA brings its expertise to the 6NAPSE Group. The Group carries out characterization, analysis and testing methodologies, thus supporting manufacturers to meet the requirements of markets, special environments and standards. CEVAA is recognized for its skills in acoustics and vibration, numerical simulation and in material characterization.

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