CLIP-FAM : Powder Bed Characterization for Metal Additive Manufacturing

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The CLIPFAM project aims for a better understanding of the role played by the characteristics of the powder bed on the general properties of metal parts produced by additive manufacturing.

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Metal additive manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing is identified as a key technology due to its advantages (integration of functions, production of complex parts, etc.). It is estimated that the market grows by 20% each year and it is essential that France remains in the competition with regard to this technology. Many projects focus on Additive Manufacturing, whether on:

  • Design, digital
  • Part characterization and performance
  • The implementation of this technology and new processes

Normandy has strong skills around additive manufacturing with a positioning of actors on several segments of the AM value chain: product design, material development, implementation, product control. A new and interesting area of ​​research and development in France is that of the characterization of raw materials, namely metal powders.

Funded by the Normandy region and the European Union, CLIPFAM is based around a Norman consortium: Analyses & Surface, ArianeGroup, CEVAA, CRISMAT, GPM, INSA Rouen Normandie, LMN, NAE and Volum-e.


Research works objectives

In this context, the objectives of the CLIP-FAM project work are:

  • Develop a method for characterizing the spreadability of metal powders for additive manufacturing (test bench)
  • Reinforce the stallability modeling in order to anticipate an optimal production
  • Assess the impact of a powder with good/poor spreadability on the part produced
  • Support the emergence of a specific powder standard (spreadability component)

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