Measurement of Young’s and shear modulus

Caractérisation du module young par analyse mécanique dynamique (DMA) en cisaillement

CEVAA characterizes the rigidity/elasticity of materials by measuring Young’s and shear modulus.

Characterization of the rigidity and elasticity of a material

To choose the appropriate material based on its rigidity, manufacturers need to characterize the material, according to its application. In the context of the creation of new materials or additive manufacturing, this information is important for the industrialization and marketing of the final product.

CEVAA has equipment to analyze the rigidity of the material (Young modulus of elasticity and shear modulus).

  • Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA): measurement of the loss factor and the storage elastic modulus by a direct method, excluding resonance, according to standards ISO 6721-4, ISO 6721-5 and ISO 6721-6.
  • Characterization of the mechanical properties of a large surface: identification of stiffness, damping and Young’s modulus

Furthermore, to correctly simulate a 3D model, it is essential to know its input data such as the rigidity of the material because the vibrational behavior of the material will not be the same depending on its rigidity and other mechanical characteristics.


  • Characterization of the material properties of an automobile structure
  • Characterization of the rigidity of a boat fin
  • Verification of the performance of a new material for fuel cells
  • Measurement of Young’s and shear modulus for carrying out a simulation
  • Analysis of the mechanical strength of a gold necklace

Measurement of Young’s and shear modulus

What is Young’s Modulus?

Young’s modulus (also known as “modulus of elasticity”) is the constant which links the tensile (or compressive) stress and the start of deformation of an isotropic elastic material.
A material with a very high Young’s modulus is said to be rigid (e.g. steel, diamond, iridium). If the Young’s modulus is low, the material is said to be soft, elastic or flexible (e.g. plastic and organic materials, foams).

What is shear modulus?

Shear modulus describes the linear elastic deformation of a structural component due to shear stress or shear force.

Caractérisation du module young par analyse mécanique dynamique (DMA) en traction

Materials characterization benches

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