Semi-anechoic chamber

chambre semi-anéchoïque

To carry out these free-field acoustic studies, the 6NAPSE Group is equipped with a semi-anechoic chamber.

Free field acoustic tests

Dedicated mainly to our studies related to our acoustic expertise, the semi-anechoic chamber is the means of testing placed at the heart of the activity of the CEVAA, center of expertise and tests in vibro-acoustics and reliability of the 6NAPSE Group.

It allows free field acoustic measurements to be made on small specimens such as solenoid valves up to large volume products such as refrigerated truck cabins.

The presence of the chassis dynamometer in this room also makes possible operational tests on vehicles. From automotive to aeronautics or aerospace, via rail and household appliances, the business sectors of the companies that use it are very varied.

The semi-anechoic chamber of the CEVAA is equipped with absorbing wedges and is decoupled from the infrastructure of the rest of the building, which makes it impervious to vibrations and external noise. The assembly is coupled to a control room which allows the programming of the chassis dynamometer, the acquisition and the processing of data.


  • Radiated noise
  • Vehicle interior noise, special machines
  • Intake and exhaust vent noise
  • Identification of noise sources by analysis of transfer pathways (airborne and structure-borne contributions)
  • Sound power measurements according to ISO 3745
  • Directivity measurements
  • Acoustic imaging
  • Diagnosis of vibro-acoustic problems


  • Dimensions of the room 13.4 x 10.4 x 5.5 m
  • Background noise level 13 dB(A)
  • Cut-off frequency (ISO 3745) 40 Hz
  • 6 dB decay law: compliant with ISO 37454 from 40 Hz to 12.5 kHz
  • Chamber suspension natural frequency: 12 Hz

The CEVAA can make the Semi-Anechoic Chamber available to its customers (with or without the use of the chassis dynamometer) over a short period of time or over several days or weeks. Carrying out your tests in a calm environment is a real plus that we can bring to you.

For more information, contact us to discuss technically on your needs!