Calculation software

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Geometry preparation, creation of meshes, computation and simulation of multiphysical phenomena (thermomechanical, acoustic and vibration).

Calculation and numerical simulation

CAD softwares

In order to prepare the models with a view to meshing them, the CEVAA uses CAD software SolidWorks (2016 and 2019) and Catia V5 to modify and simplify the initial geometry.

Simulation and calculations softwares

The CEVAA has various simulation software using the finite element method to meet your needs in structures mechanical or thermomechanical in the fields of automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, rail, defence, energy and sport and leisure.

The Salome-Meca software suites (open-source and developed by EDF) and MSC One by Hexagon (APEX, MSC Nastran, Marc) allow the resolution of static calculations (calculation of mechanical resistance to lifting, dimensioning calculation, etc.) or dynamics for your temporal or frequency analyzes (calculation of eigen modes, calculation of frequency response, etc.).

Software dedicated to acoustics / NVH

The Actran finite element calculation software allows the implementation of simulation in acoustics (acoustic radiation of sources) and vibroacoustics (fluid/structure coupling, radiated noise induced by vibrations of structures, etc.).

In the context of noise reduction induced by electric motors (automotive, household appliances, sports and leisure, etc.), the CEVAA uses the MSC Nastran and Actran software in combination. Thus, it models the complete chain of the electric motor and calculates the noise radiated by the vibrations.

Specific softwares

The CEVAA helps you to develop specific software according to your needs (business tools, specific post-processing of results) through graphical interfaces developed in Python, Matlab and GNU Octave that can be easily integrated and used by your teams.

Finally, the CEVAA relies on the fluid mechanics calculation software Cradle CFD for the simulation of fluid flow (biphasic, turbulence, etc.).


  • Static and quasi-static calculation
  • Dynamic calculation (modal, frequency, transient)
  • Fast dynamic calculation (impact, crash, explicit calculation)
  • Acoustic calculation (airborne noise, fluid/structure coupling, electromagnetic noise)
  • Calculation of earthquake resistance of equipment
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Over the years, we have acquired the most used software in the fields of activity in which we operate. This is an easier way for our customers to entrust us with their projects and thus be able to reuse the results in their premises. Simplification in the exchange of files and greater facility for the transfer of methodology.

Hexagon simulation solutions

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