3D Laser Vibrometry

vibrométrie laser 3d
CEVAA has two 3D laser vibrometers, including an infrared one, to carry out different vibration characterizations.

Vibration characterization by vibrometry


  • Measurement without contact, therefore non-intrusive
  • High spatial resolution (number of pts / area units)
  • Application on parts with high thermal stresses
  • Use of mirror for simultaneous measurement of a front and rear face
  • 3D measurement with optimized measurement time and possible automation (scanning system)
  • Extended analysis domain (very wide frequency up to 80KHz)
  • Automation of the measurement from a mesh taken from the video image of the object
  • Possibility of using the finite element model of the simulation
  • Mobile tool: packaging for transport to the customer site


  • Experimental modal analysis (EMA) / Operational measurements of structure or subset (ODS)
  • High frequency registration of finite element models
  • Reliability of electronic boards / components
  • Vibration analysis of electronic micro-components, MEMS – NEMS
  • Study of the influence of damping materials on the vibro-acoustic behavior of structural elements
  • Realization of strain mapping

On which parts? Which dimensions?

  • Electronic micro-components
  • Macro-structures (ex: engine, turbine, …)

Type of excitation?

  • Measurement achievable under real excitation (operational measurements, ODS)
  • Measurements achievable under artificial excitation (impact hammer, shakers) MIMO

The CEVAA has been using 3D laser vibrometry for several years. This experience makes our company a reference in the field.

Strong expertise in the aeronautics and space sectors but also in the automotive, railway, etc.

Advantage: we also travel to your site to carry out the measurements.

For more information, contact us to discuss technically on your needs!