Acoustics and vibration

CEVAA is an engineering center dedicated to acoustical and vibration studies.

The vibro-acoustic optimization of a product necessarily involves a precise identification of the main acoustic and vibration phenomena encountered in the various life situations. CEVAA is specialized in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) studies.

acoustique vibration

Acoustic and vibration studies

CEVAA’s expertise is based on experience, accumulated through the many issues addressed for all of our clients and in the context of collaborative research projects. Our experts are able to quickly understand industrial issues. They can thus determine an initial framework for the requested study.

    Acoustics and vibration

    analyse modale expérimentale


    bruit parasite squeak and rattle

    Squeak & rattle noise

    mesure acoustique

    Acoustic measurement

    Détermination des efforts de blocage

    Dynamic force measurement

    mesure dynamique structure

    Structural dynamics measurement

    Torsion statique mesures dynamiques

    Static Torsional stiffness

    derisking ingénierie solution industrie

    Derisking / Diagnosis and solutions

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